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Protect the Teeth
You Want to Keep

We provide many options for night and
athletic mouth guards

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There are dozens of great reasons to wear a custom fit mouth guard whether it’s for health reasons or athletic protection, but the biggest one is you’ll actually wear it if it fits. More comfortable than a do-it-yourself, bulky, boil and wear mouth guard that sits on the shelf or in the bottom of an athletic bag, the custom fit mouth guard is thinner, snugly fits your mouth’s proportions, is more durable and supportive in all ways.

At O’Kane & Monssen Family Dentistry, we offer two kinds of custom mouth guards. Both offer increased comfort, make it easier to breathe, communicate with team members and reduce trauma and injury.


Night time should be filled with restful sleep and comforting dreams; however, sleep bruxism (grinding and clenching teeth) can impact peaceful sleep and waking hours, contributing to dental damage and frequent migraines. O’Kane & Monssen has custom, comfortable solutions to help reduce night time bruxing.

Mouth guard for teeth clenching and grinding

Teeth grinding and clenching occur as your body relieves stress at night. Over time, this action results in fractured and/or worn teeth and causes restorations to fail. Because this occurs at night, it’s difficult to recognize yourself, and it’s often your partner or your dentist who notices. A night guard (occlusal splint) is designed to prevent damage from grinding and clenching while you sleep, protecting your teeth long term.


Mouth guard for migraine pain

Often migraines can result from night time teeth clenching and grinding. Relief can come in the form of a small, custom mouthpiece worn during sleep. An NTI (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition) night guard, custom fabricated in our office, is simple-to-use and comfortable to wear. The design prevents teeth clenching, allowing your jaw to relax, protecting against stress and headache.


There are dozens of great reasons to wear a custom fit athletic mouth guard, but the biggest one is that you’ll actually wear it if it fits. More comfortable than a do-it-yourself, bulky, boil and wear mouth guard, a custom fit mouth guard fits snugly to your mouth’s proportions. Wearing a protective athletic guard reduces trauma and injury to your teeth while making it easier to breathe and communicate with team members.

The Pro-Form Sports Guard

Made from a custom fitted impression, Pro-Form Sports Guards are used from youth leagues to the highest levels of professional sports. This mouth guard protects the athlete’s teeth and allows them to speak and breath easier. With Pro-Form, you can choose from a variety of colors.


Under Armour Performance Mouthguard

Under Armour Mouthguard has been specifically engineered to increase power and endurance for athletes. An Under Armour Mouthguard may improve athletic performance. Learn more about Under Armour Mouthguard.



“For hockey, Dr. Monssen made a custom mouthguard for our son James. Wow! What a difference a mouthguard can make. It fits beautifully, he actually wears it and he can breathe better! Best decision ever!"

            – Susan & Dave M.

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