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O'Kane & Monssen Named to Hall of Fame for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's 'Top Dentist' Honors

Each year Mpls.St.Paul Magazine opens the polls for the Twin Cities Best of Business! At O'Kane & Monssen, we are proud that we have not only received the award for Top Dentist, but have been put in the Hall of Fame for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine for being named top dentists 5+ times over the years. For 2018, O'Kane & Monssen has again made the nominees list for top dentist!

Only approximately 10 percent of active dentists in the 10-county metro area make this list. Dentists pass through a multi-step process before becoming a nominee. First, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine asks Twin Cities dentists to nominate other dentists they consider to be exceptional in the field- peers they would consult if they were seeking care. From there, candidates are grouped into specialties and evaluated by a myriad of factors, including (but not limited to) peer recognition, professional achievement, and disciplinary history. Dentists who amassed the highest scores from each grouping were invited to serve on a blue-ribbon panel to evaluate the other candidates.

At the end of the process, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine selects the Top Dentists, picking only the dentists who acquired the highest point totals from the surveys, research, and blue-ribbon panel review. Help make O'Kane & Monssen a Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Top Dentist for 2018 by voting here!

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